Senator Yudichak, Baker and Gordner React to Governor Wolf’s Announcement to Close SCI-Retreat

Nanticoke, PA January 17, 2020 – State Senators John Yudichak (I-Luzerne/Carbon), Lisa Baker (R-20) and John Gordner (R-27) released the following statement today regarding Governor Wolf’s decision to accept the recommendation made by the Department of Corrections to close SCI Retreat.

“We are extremely disappointed that Governor Wolf has chosen to close SCI Retreat, and accept the critically flawed recommendations made by the Department of Corrections that ignored the voices of the people, the communities, and the business owners of Luzerne County. The decision is devastating news to Newport Township and neighboring communities in Luzerne County, and foreshadows troubling trends ahead for the Department of Corrections related to overcrowding and disciplinary problems we are already experiencing at SCI Dallas that make our prison system less safe and less stable.

Our thoughts remain with these men and women who go to work every day to keep the public safe, and who made SCI Retreat one of the best run facilities in Pennsylvania. The lives of these brave workers and the communities they call home will be dramatically impacted by the decision to close SCI Retreat.  We will continue to support the SCI Retreat family, and we will continue the fight to ensure the families of SCI Retreat can continue to call Luzerne County home.

We will never stop working to keep our residents safe, create jobs, and bolster our region’s economy. We are determined to explore every possible avenue for mitigating the economic losses imposed by the regrettable closure of SCI Retreat. We call upon Governor Wolf to work with the legislature to develop a recovery and reinvestment strategy for communities and workers adversely impacted by the closure of a state facility. 

While today is a difficult day, we know that the people of Luzerne County are resilient. In that spirit, we are confident that even as the doors to SCI Retreat close, other doors will open and bring new opportunities for the residents and communities of Luzerne County.”