Nanticoke, January 31, 2020 – State Senator John Yudichak (I-14) and State Senator Lisa Baker (R-20) announced today that they will introduce legislation that will supply resources to impacted communities that are dealing with the effects of a state facility closure.

“When the heavy hand of state government closes state facilities that displaces workers and causes acute economic distress, the Commonwealth, with equal weight, must be prepared to help communities by creating a Community Recovery Response Team and investing in a long-term economic recovery strategy,” said State Senator John Yudichak.

“The closures of SCI-Retreat and White Haven Center are already having a negative economic impact in Luzerne County, and we will not give up as the fight for families moves on to a new battle to create more employment and business opportunities in the communities most severely impacted by the closure of these state facilities.”

Senator Yudichak and Senator Baker announced the legislation inside Stookey’s Famous Bar-B-Que, a small business located in Nanticoke that has been impacted by the announcement by the Department of Corrections that SCI Retreat will close later this year.

“A primary charge of state government is to see to the welfare and advancement of communities in every part of the Commonwealth. When a major state facility is located in a community, that region experiences a helpful boost in jobs and economic activity,” said State Senator Lisa Baker. When a facility is closed, there is not just the immediate loss of these direct benefits. There is the loss of the supporting infrastructure that has been developed. It blows apart public budgets and private business plans. While we lament the misguided judgments that put our communities in this position, we must push hard for compensatory steps that will bring hope and opportunity to life once again.”

Joining Senator Yudichak and Senator Baker at today’s announcement was Senator John Gordner, Representative Gerald Mullery and Representative Tarah Toohil as well as local business owners and local government officials.