Senator Yudichak: Governor Wolf’s Budget Ignores Working Families and Punishes Small Businesses

Harrisburg, February 3, 2021 – State Senator John Yudichak (I-Luzerne/Carbon) released this statement following Governor Wolf’s budget address.

“Governor Wolf is proposing a budget that would impose a 46.3% tax hike on small businesses in Pennsylvania, the largest tax hike in history, at a time when these same small businesses are fighting to survive his Administration’s arbitrary shutdown orders and the economic disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Pennsylvania’s working families face unprecedented economic challenges, and the Governor responds with a budget plan to reward his partisan political allies instead of laying out a comprehensive plan to get our economy growing again.

“Pennsylvania community colleges, the engines of our workforce development system, are an essential pathway for workers displaced in a downturned economy, but they have been seriously shortchanged in the Governor’s budget with a meager 0.6% increase in funding that will leave countless working families without opportunities to improve their economic future.

“Adding insult to injury on the economic front in northeastern Pennsylvania, the Governor is eliminating the $5 million State Facility Closure Transition Program after promising the communities of Newport Township and White Haven Borough that he would help their communities recover from the loss of 800 jobs with the closure of SCI Retreat and White Haven Center.

“Regretfully, there is also no cost of living adjustment in the Governor’s budget to increase much needed funding for Pennsylvania nursing homes that are the epicenter of the pandemic with nearly two-thirds of all Covid-19 related deaths occurring in our long-term care facilities.

“I fully expect the General Assembly will reject the Governor’s budget that ignores working families and punishes small businesses, but it certainly makes clear that the Administration remains out of touch with the plight of millions of Pennsylvanians who are battling through the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic devastation it has brought to their lives.”


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