Senator Yudichak Statement on the Impact of PennDOT’s plan to toll the I-80 bridges

Nanticoke, February 26, 2021 – State Senator John Yudichak (I-Luzerne/Carbon) issued the following statement after participating in Representative Tarah Toohil’s virtual meeting on PennDOT’s plan to toll the I-80 bridges in Luzerne County:

“With the U.S. automotive industry moving toward the production of electric cars and Pennsylvania’s overreliance on gas taxes to fund transportation projects, PennDOT’s plan to toll highways, like I-80 in the Greater Hazleton corridor, appears to be a very shortsighted fix to a problem that requires a much more robust, comprehensive transportation funding plan to build a 21st century infrastructure network that can sustain our rapidly growing e-commerce logistics industry in northeastern Pennsylvania,” said State Senator John Yudichak.  “For nearly three decades, the U.S. Congress has failed to deliver a transportation funding bill and it is now more critical than ever for federal and state lawmakers to work together to pass a transportation funding bill that recognizes changes in the auto industry and relies less on short-term, poorly vetted ideas like tolling highways all across Pennsylvania.”


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